"Cardiff" - What Do You Want

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Well, I'm willing to give you everything I have
If you'll stay another minute with me
And if you torture me and leave me sad
I will still be loving you

Is there something I can say or do
Or some button I can touch
Figuring the price of having you
I know that nothing is too much

I'll give you it all (what do you want?)

I'm struck blind by the beauty in the way you walk
Wanna lay my hands upon your hips
Jumping from the cardio-electric shock
Of kissing your lips

Everything I have, anything you want
Any moment I can steal
Outside in and in and out
I want to know how it feels

I'll give you it all (what do you want?)
I would be down on my knees
If I thought the tide would turn
Do you hear these guilty pleas?
Can you feel me burn?

What do you want?