Although most of the tracking was done in L.A., "Cardiff" reflects a period of time that was spent largely on other southern California shores, about 100 miles south of the Big City. The songs themselves - well, they're about love lost, and maybe a little love found, and...hopefully some nice melodic surprises for your listening pleasure. Listen to the tunes by clicking on the title.

Cold Days In April

You Broke It Good

Somebody Cries

What Do You Want

Eyes In The Back Of My Head

Why Can't You Stop

I May Have Heard

Raining On My Parade

Things Were Alright Before

Marvelous Night

My previously released CD, "five" was recorded in L.A. with quite a variety of terrific musicians and friends, and if you haven't heard these tunes, I think you'll dig them. You can listen to the songs by clicking on the title, or click the "Buy Now" button to order your copy.
And hey...go ahead and turn it up...

Some Kind Of Hope

Can't Sleep At Night

Brand New Day

In A Dark Room

Three In The Morning